Marketing Your Dental Practice

Gone are the days when a board hanging outside your clinic highlighting your practice attracted new patients. The acuity of how a dentist should nurture his/her practice has changed throughout the years. The fruition in dental marketing has become immensely complicated. Extreme competition has forced dentists to look for alternatives in order to survive and be in the black.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s just not enough for dentists to develop the quality and reputation for the practice. There is a necessity to create an image and brand to attract new patients and retain the existing ones. In order to earn good reputation and subsequently take the practice to the next level, a dentist must be innovative and think out of the box.  Marketing for dentists is just like any other business. A dentist has to follow more or less the same marketing trends followed by all businessmen. Implementing the following strategies will enable you to give your competitors a run for their money.

What’s the target? Target marketing plays a quintessential role in fetching new clients. Unlike mass marketing where dentists spend much of their fortune on luring a broader audience, target marketing allows dentists to cut their investments big time and reach a specific audience. For instance, you may target clients in the age group 30-40 with sufficiently higher income. In today’s unpredictable economy, it is crucial that dentists spend wisely on marketing. Target marketing offers more than just keeping the investment costs down.

It has been reported from recently concluded surveys that brochures and business cards still have relevance in attracting new patients. Brochures, either handed out or emailed to the patients can be a good source of marketing your dental practice. An attractive brochure consists of a brief description about your practice along with procedures, treatments, facilities, state-of-the-art equipment you provide. This will have a positive impact on patients’ minds. Displaying your business cards in the reception, keeps your credibility intact.

While you are busy with traditional marketing strategies, keep an eye on how internet is creating a buzz in dental marketing. In order to maximize your chances of acquiring more patients, you need to have a strong internet presence. A website is a key ingredient that highlights your practice in a subtle manner. It brings transparency to your practice.

Apart from the services, your website should list personal bio, operational hours, address and procedures performed. Back your website with a good SEO. There is nothing like search engine optimization when it comes to making your website visibly higher in search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Hire experts to do the job for you.

Medical practices, especially dentistry needs a strong referral base to thrive. Getting new patients from referral requires good relationship with the existing clients. That can only happen when you satisfy them. A happy patient is a goldmine for you. Remember to reward such patients.

It’s a lot easier to implement these marketing strategies once you understand them fully. Dental practice marketing is imperative simply because without it, you will fail miserably in attracting more patients.