Marketing A Dental Practice

Best Ways Of Marketing A Dental Practice

It’s all about New Patients!

Perhaps you are thinking you don’t need more new patients. If that’s you, then what you’re missing is a real, accurate understanding of what new patients do for your practice

Let’s pause and consider for a moment what if feels like when you are short on new patients. You know, when it’s the middle of the day and you have no one to see, how does that feel?

Or how about when you have “just enough” or “almost enough” new patients? This is when you wind up feeling like a hamster on a wheel, running around trying to keep things going. Your income and the production of the practice is a result of your efforts alone. Exhausting.

If you find yourself in either of these two categories then I’m willing to bet you are a dentist who wants to make more money or have more freedom to take time off but can’t.

Now let’s consider how it feels when you have lots of new patients in your practice. You are not feeling stressed out, miserable and frustrated, are you?

A good problem to have

New Patients truly are the lifeblood of your practice. Having more new patients than you think you can handle is a good problem. It opens up new opportunities. With more new patients you can add associates and other staff who can also be revenue producers in the practice.

What most great dentists don’t realize

The harsh reality is that getting new patients to call your office is all for nothing if the staff answering the phones doesn’t know how to convert those callers into patients.

In this all too common situation you wind up throwing your marketing money out the window because your staff is the barrier at the very first interaction. The skills of the people answering your phone can make your break your best marketing efforts.

So whether you like it or not you must build an effective marketing strategy into your practice and find ways to grow it in both times of struggle and good times. Take advantage of what you already have in place – which is want you work so hard for – and let everybody know what you can offer.

As something you can take away with you and have a think through the following 3 key elements to any dental marketing which will give you a competitive edge over pretty much most of your competitors are:

Sequential marketing – you must use a sequence of ‘touches’ which market to your patients to get your message through. You message might be right but because we have busy lives we might miss it on the 1stor 2nd or even 7th time you get in contact.

Consistency – the message and they way you communicate must be congruent throughout all your marketing and practice communication.
Good communication – this is the key to good marketing. People buy from people they know and trust and you can use marketing to build this trust and communication effectively.

And if you want all the benefits of dental marketing services without having to do any of the work yourself, whatever you do, don’t do nothing. Want someone else to do the work so you can focus on what is important for you, your dental work?

We will take care of everything for you.