How To Get More Dental Patients For Your practice

More Ways How To Get More Dental Patients For Your practice

Dental Practice Marketing Ensures Survival and Drives Growth

Dental practice marketing provides for both the survival of a dentist’s office – if patients who leave the practice aren’t replaced the practice will simply cease to exist – and for its growth, provided that its marketing efforts are effective at attracting new patients at a faster rate than it loses “old” patients.

And yet, in spite of the obvious importance of marketing to the success of any dental practice, the majority of dentists seem to make some pretty poor decisions when it comes to how and where to spend their marketing time, effort, and money. They tend to spend their marketing time, effort, and money mostly in the same ways they always have – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – and really only dabble in anything outside their dental practice marketing “comfort zone.”

Effective Dental Practice Marketing Strategy Must Include Search Engine Marketing

Search engines, very simply, connect people in need of products and services with businesses that sell the products and services they need – at the precise moment when their needs are at a peak level. That’s why they’re searching on the Internet in the first place. They’ve got an itch to scratch – such as a tooth ache – and they need it scratched – and usually pretty urgently.

And not only are search volumes for dentists and related terms already high, more and more people are turning to search engines to help them find dentists than ever before – as searches for dentist and related keywords reached their highest volumes ever July and August 2010, according to Google Trends.

The message is clear: your dental practice’s patients of tomorrow will not be found where you were investing time, effort, and money to find them in the past. They’ve moved online – and continue to do so. And unless you move more of your dental practice marketing time, effort, and money online – in a strategic and cohesive way – your dental practice simply will not be found.

Excellent dental website
Many people turn to a business’s website to find out important information about that business, therefore it is important that you have an excellent website for your dental practice.

It is important that this website is easy to navigate and contains information about your products and services, as well as information about how new clients can get in direct contact with your surgery. Your website should also be search engine optimized to make it easy for your potential new clients to find it.

Search engine optimization is designed to ensure that your website comes up on a search engine if potential clients input a wide variety of related search terms. Not only should the website come up for these search terms, but it should also come up as one of the top results, meaning that it will be one of the first websites that these people look at.

Social Media Marketing
Social media is now a very important place for advertising, because it is possible to reach people who may not normally actively search for cosmetic dentists or general dentists.

Social media also allows your clients to help you to drum up extra business, without them personally having to do too much work. Encourage clients to “like” your business page or share pictures of the fantastic dental work that they have had done, with links back to your webpage, and this can help you to expose your company name to hundreds of their friends and followers. This sort of marketing is inexpensive yet highly effective.

Great Customer Service
It is important to make sure that your staff have excellent customer service skills if you want to make sure that new dental patients make second contact after their first contact. Your reception staff should be helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.

They should be able to help to provide a relaxing and calming environment for patients who feel uncomfortable about visiting a new dentist. It is essential that all dental staff are friendly and informative at free consultation sessions, as these sessions help potential new customers to make up their minds about whether they should commit to having treatments at your practice.

Niche-Specific Results Just For Dentists

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