How To Attract New Patients To Your Dental Practice

The Importance of Being Unique To Attract New Patients To Your Dental Practice

Every single business owner on the planet knows that they must have a ‘unique selling point’ that differentiates them from their competitors. Like most industries this is fundamental in the dental industry – as the general public cannot tell the difference between one filling and another unless they fall out. We are not educated to distinguish the finer details from one dentist’s fillings from another (although every dentist could).

This means for dental practices to separate themselves from the rest they must do it through patient service and experience. And not only does this make your patients come back and take up other services but it gives them the natural human desire to talk about you to their friends and family and ultimately refer you.

With the desire to be unique and be the best dentist in your “race” you not only have to differentiate yourself from your competitors but you also stand out in your patients mind.

The Secret to Having Endless Referrals

Although there are many explicit strategies to encourage and facilitate patients to refer you to their friends and family these are all based on the fact that their experience with you is memorable, they experience top-class dentistry, and they feel like they were important to you and your practice.

The secret to getting referrals is providing the best dental care and the best dental experience both when your patients are in your practice and when they are outside of it.

If you have a desire to be the best in the race then people will be compelled to talk about you and refer you.

How To Get ‘Almost’ Free Advertising & Free Publicity

I saw one of the best referral strategies used at a practice last week. I assume the dental practice experience was top rate and to follow that they had an incredibly effective referral strategies.

The patient – after treatment – was sent a lovely bunch of flowers. The extra thought and commitment to send those flowers to give the wow factor is excellent but for me the tipping point was that they were sent to the patient’s workplace. Not only does the patient say ‘wow my dentist sent me some flowers to make sure I was OK after the x,y,z treatment’ but she does it in front of all of her work colleagues – a natural set of people who can be referred to the dentist. The referral is done by her reaction – which to anyone who receives flowers at their office – feels special.

What a great way of using a simple strategy to naturally encourage referrals, make the patients experience in and out of the practice excellent and unique, and a good demonstration of being miles ahead of the pack – even if the other dentists in the area are the best of the best.

An example of creative thinking and commitment that can set you apart from the rest.

And if you want all the benefits of dental marketing services without having to do any of the work yourself, whatever you do, don’t do nothing. Want someone else to do the work so you can focus on what is important for you, your dental work?

More Ways On How To Attract New Patients To Your Dental Practice

Have you thought about why you want to learn how to attract new patients to your dental practice in the first place? What difference will they make to your dental office and business life? By attracting quality patients you can fill your appointments up with committed patients that will give you values on average of $2700.

This means they are more likely to buy more advanced and valuable treatment from you, which are planned and expensive. It also means you don’t have to put up with those 1-stop whining patients who are never to been seen again.

4 Things To Focus On

Marketing and Relationships – Over time build long term relationships with your clients. Build trust with your patients and they will naturally spend more money with you. When do you ever buy products or services from people you didn’t like or worse trust?

There are many ways to do this. Obviously it starts in your chair and in your clinic. But as soon as they leave your clinic they go back to their busy lives and probably forget about you. So you need to keep in touch with them using a variety of different ways. Send them reminders for their next appointment, send them a newsletter every month, send them information, which interests and is gratefully received.

Relationships are about the personal touch and making people feel special and remembered. By weaving into your practice not only promotion of other services you can offer, but combining this with information that is useful or appreciated – like birthday wishes.

Referrals – A key method of attracting quality patients to your practice is about referrals. You know Word of Mouth marketing works wonders for building relationships and trust. But I will tell you a secret. You can accelerate how this happens transparently by having the right process in place and motivating people to make the recommendation – it’s called the law of reciprocity – if you do something for someone they feel a great desire to return your kindness. Instead of letting it happen randomly you can embrace, encourage and accelerate the process.

Build Your Own Credibility – We all like the best of the best and using people we know or have heard of is natural. I’m not suggesting your should be known worldwide. I’m just suggesting through a few straightforward methods like publishing articles, writing in local newspapers and magazines in your community… getting involved.

Customer Experience -Look at your practice. Have you one of the dental surgeries that if you sat in your own waiting room for a day you would witness patients sitting there in disgust or disapproval?… I’m not just talking about out of date Time magazines on the coffee table.

You may not think your waiting room is important or how well your receptionist treats your patients when you provide such high quality dentistry. But let me put it like this. If you want to a local restaurant and the place was dirty, the staff were rude, and there was no care in the presentation or what anyone was doing – what would YOU think was going on in the kitchen? Would you overlook this and assume the food was probably prepared and cooked in the height of hygiene and care? No… in fact it is more likely that you would leave.

OK you are not preparing food but you are putting your hands into peoples’ mouths and possible causing them some pain… so the same criteria apply. Maybe it didn’t used to matter when you were the only dentist on the block but that time has gone now.

Don’t over look this. They just want white, straight painless teeth, and they want to get this from people they trust in environments that are clean, friendly and satisfactory.

These are just 4 ways of attracting quality new patients to your practice. In fact each one of them is a huge area of opportunity and implementation for you and your practice.